Our gloves are worn all around the country. Here are some messages that we received from some of our very happy customers.  If you would like to let us know how you like our products please click here.

Bryant Krohn

Ret. Baltimore City Fire Department, Truck Company 10

Bryant Krohn

I am a 27 year veteran Firefighter with the BCFD and Dragon Fire gloves are the best gloves I've ever worn.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a very high performance glove at an exceptional price. Dragon Fire gloves truly are a step above all the rest.

Ethan Sorrell

Truck Lieutenant, Bladensburg Vol. Fire Department Co. 9, Prince George's County, Maryland

Ethan Sorrell

Dear Dragon Fire,

After being critically injured in a house fire back in February of 2012, I want to say thank you to the engineers and supporters of this company.  My partner, who did not have Dragon Fire gloves, had third degree burns to 60% of his body and with his hands being the worst.  I am very grateful to your company for the protection that your product offered me. My hands were very well protected. I only received critical burns to my airway and respiratory tract and after five days on a ventilator, I was released to return home.

Again thank you for all that you have done and the product you produce. Without your gloves my hands would have been just as bad off.

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Veteran DC Metro Area Firefighter

Washington, District of Columbia

Veteran DC Metro Area Firefighter

Dragon Fire,

Just a quick thank you for a quality product.  Sometimes in our line of work we take for granted the advances in firefighter protective clothing and when we think of gloves often we don't think of all the work they see. I am able to perform many tasks with your product that I haven't been able to with other gloves such as throw ladders.  Today after performing a ladder vent, those fire gloves actually prevented falling glass from cutting through my glove to the finger.

Thank you and I will continue to endorse the products your company manufactures.

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